VMG BIOENERGY produces electricity from renewable sources, 100% clean, through the use of renewable fuel (Renewable forest biomass – eucalyptus chips).

The installed production capacity of this product is 7.5 Mega of energy per hour. With this production, it is possible to meet the needs of the entire plant and generate surplus for sale

Energy is one of the main inputs of modern society. Its availability, price and quality are fundamental determinants for the survival of nations that use technologies that promote ease and comfort.

The modern world is dependent on energy and it is not possible to think and plan the various actions and processes without using it. With scenarios of growth of the Brazilian economy for the coming years, the demand for energy should grow in the same proportion. The energy / GDP ratio for Brazil is expected to grow due to the increase in the rate of investment in industrial production, the increase in household income and the consequent change in the patterns of consumption. The challenge is to produce energy in a sustainable way.

Non-conventional renewable energies are complementary, always needing other sources of energy. In the case of electricity from eucalyptus wood biomass, it provides the corn ethanol industry with self-sufficiency in production for its own consumption and generates a surplus for export on the network. Enabling the company to contribute with reducing the country’s energy deficit.

The use of firewood from energetic forests, silviculture dedicated to electricity generation, still has a marginal participation in the Brazilian forestry activity. However, it is projected that this source will develop and will gain prominence in the national generation park.

By 2020, as a result of the projects that have already sold energy at auctions, the demand for firewood for bioelectricity should reach 70 million cubic meters, approximately what is intended today for the manufacture of paper and cellulose or charcoal. In 2050, the potential volume of wood for bioelectricity will be almost 250 million cubic meters, with an energy content of almost 30 Mtep.

Contributing to the economic outlook, VMG Bioenergy contributes to the generation of bioelectricity for its own consumption and also for export to the National System.